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15 years after the Good Friday Agreement, various changes to the operations of the Northern Ireland Assembly have been or are currently proposed - such as a reduction in the number of MLAs, the introduction of a formal opposition and the removal of community designation.

Recent events regarding the issue of flags and falling voter numbers clearly indicate that there is an increasing sense of public disengagement with local politics. Since our local Executive parties have failed to agree on a way forward, the Green Party believes there is now an opportunity to re-engage our citizens with local politics through the process of ‘civic conversation’.

This means providing the space and structures for citizens to engage, discuss and then contribute their thoughts and opinions regarding the structures of governance for Northern Ireland. The Good Friday Agreement was endorsed by the people through a referendum - the Green Party believes that major changes should only be made to the Agreement with the people's consent.

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    Do you agree that major changes to the Agreement should only be made after engagement with citizens through a civic conversation?

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  • Steven Agnew

    Steven Agnew - Green Party Leader N.Ireland

    My vision of Northern Ireland in the 21st century is a place that has economic, social and environmental justice at its core. Sadly, government policy has been based on economic short-termism at the expense of the people and the environment. We are now paying the price for their mistakes.

    I believe in fighting for what's right and fair for the whole of society and staying connected with my community and my principles in an increasing self-serving and cynical political landscape.

    That is why I joined The Green Party. After many years of campaigning and serving the party to promote its policies based on fairness, I am now proud to be its leader.

    If you share my vision, join me in securing the future of the Green Party in Northern Ireland politics. Help us create a better future for generations to come.

    Think Green. Act Green. Vote Green.